Categories, communication and counterfactual reasoning

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Categories, communication and counterfactual reasoning

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In our first Psychology Colloquium of 2017, Associate Professor Charles Kemp will present on his research on the structure and use of human knowledge. Learn more about the Eskimo treatment of the word snow and learn how people evaluate statements such as "If Labor had won the 2016 election, then property prices in Melbourne would be lower.

During this lecture Charles will present on two research projects on why languages have semantic categories and how casual knowledge supports inferences about counterfactual possibilities.

Associate Professor Charles Kemp works on computational models of learning and reasoning, with a particular interest in high-level cognition, as demonstrated through his developed models for categorisation, generalisation, causal reasoning, and relational learning. Charles is currently focusing on a line of work that explores the meanings of words in different languages.


  • Associate Professor Charles Kemp
    Associate Professor Charles Kemp, Carnegie Mellon University