General Counselling Services

Please note that our services are not available to children or adolescents.


Financial Cost

General public $25 per session
Current staff member of the University of Melbourne $25 per session
Current student of the University of MelbourneNo cost

Specialised testing

Specialised IQ and personality assessments are offered at the rates specified below:

Test Name

Test Description

Administration Fee

WAIS - Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale This assessment aims to identify an individual's intellectual strengths and weaknesses across a broad range of skill areas. A full scale IQ score is derived as well as measures of verbal and performance skills. $140
WMS - Wechsler Memory Scale This comprehensive assessment of memory function assesses an individual's ability to store and recall auditory and visual information. The test can be conducted alone or in combination with the WAIS (see above). Information derived from this test can assist in aiding an individual to develop strategies to assist in learning information better in the future. $70
MMPI - Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory A personality assessment can be a useful adjunct to interpersonal counselling and personal development because it assesses an individual's general well-being and social adjustment. The MMPI is one of the most widely used assessment tools for this purpose. $140