Cognitive and Neuropsychological Development Laboratory

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    Associate Professor Robert Reeve
    T: +61 3 8344 6383
    Location: Room 713 7th Floor
    Redmond Barry Building
    Melbourne 3010 Victoria

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Research Overview

Among other issues, we are interested in the neurological and cognitive causes of developmental dyscalculia; diagnosis and treatment of dyscalculia; the significance of individual differences in cognitive change; models of changes in problem solving strategies; longitudinal/measurement models of cognitive change; the way in which executive functions, anxiety and emotion interact to affect problem solving abilities (particularly mathematics); the role of spatial cognition in children's reasoning; the significance of finger agnosia and movement disorders in numerical cognition; relationships between cultural and comparative factors and cognition, especially numerical cognition; the relationship between personality factors and executive functioning


Kelly Trezise
Jacob M Paul
Associate Professor Robert Reeve
Dr Judi Humberstone
Dr Jason Forte


University College London

Research Publications

Butterworth, R. & Reeve, R. A. (2012). Counting words and a principles-after account of the development of number concepts. In M. Siegal & L. Surian (Eds), Access to language and cognitive development (pp. 160 – 175). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Research Projects

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Associate Professor Robert Reeve.

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Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences