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Research Overview

Our research deals with three major areas. First, we are concerned with emotional, motivational, and behavioural consequences of self-regulatory processes. We are specifically interested in the impact of a number of factors on these outcomes, including the structure of self-knowledge, the exact nature of the reference values for self, and the source of the relevant reference value. Our second area of research uses implicit measures to examine the impact of a range of characteristics of the self on self-regulatory outcomes. Our third area is more applied. We consider the effect of self-regulatory orientations for psychological disorders.

Research Publications

  • Boldero JM, Bell RC, Hulbert CA . (in press). Grandiose/overt and hypersensitive/covert narcissism: Underlying dimensions and correlates. New developments in personality disorders research (In press)
  • Boldero J, Whelan J. Australians' attitudes toward culturally similar and culturally dissimilar migrants. In G. M. Ruggerio, S. Sassaroli, Y. Latzer, & S. Suchday (Eds.) Perspectives on immigration and terrorism. 2011; pp. 105-114. Amsterdam: IOS Press.
  • Boldero JM, Haslam N, Whelan J. Increasing the predictive utility of neuroticism for health behaviors: The role of implicit neuroticism. In R. G. Jackson (Ed.). Psychology of neuroticism and shame. 2009. New York: Nova Science.
  • Boldero JM, Francis JJ. Situational influences on the intensity of emotional responses to self-evaluation. In A.V. Clark (Ed.). Psychology of moods. 2005. New York: Nova Science.
  • Boldero JM, Bell RC.  An evaluation of the factorial structure of the Problem Gambling Severity Index. International Gambling Studies 2012; 12: 89-110.
  • Binder G, Boldero JM. Planning for change: The roles of habitual practice and habitus in planning practice. Urban Policy and Research 2012; 30: 175-188.
  • Boldero JM, Bell RC. (in press). Chance- and skill-based dimensions underlying young Australians' gambling activities and their relationships with gambling problems and other factors. International Gambling Studies
  • Boldero JM, Higgins ET. Regulatory focus and political decision making: When people favour reform over the status quo. Political Psychology 2011; 32: 399-418.
  • Lin X, Bryant C, Boldero J. Measures for assessing student attitudes toward older people. Educational Gerontology 2011; 37: 12-26.

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