Bilingual Dictionaries

For the following Semester two 2017 subject exams, a bilingual dictionary is an Authorised Material. Individual student approval forms are not required.

Students must note the ‘Examination Rules – Authorised Materials’ section of the Assessment and Results Policy at which indicates:

5.64. Dictionaries must not contain notes or annotations of any kind.

  • PSYC10004 Mind, Brain and Behaviour 2
  • PSYC20007 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYC20009 Personality and Social Psychology
  • PSYC30015 Applications in Psychology
  • PSYC30016 Social and Emotional Development
  • PSYC30020 The Integrated Brain
  • PSYC30021 Psychological Science: Theory & Practice
  • PSYC30022 Trends in Personality & Social Psychology
  • PSYC40004 Current Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • PSYC40013 Advanced Psychological Theory & Practice
  • PSYC90011 Advanced Psychological Assessment & Diagnosis