Reverend Associate Professor John DuPuche

Senior Lecturer, Catholic Theological College within the University of Divinity

John is an author, academic, and Roman Catholic Priest who has been foundational in establishing interfaith relations among traditions that prescribe contemplative practices. He has a strong interest in spirituality and interfaith dialogue.

What does contemplative practice mean to you?

“In the stillness is the dancing” (cf. T. S. Eliot). This captures the essence of my contemplative practice.


Reverend Associate Professor John Dupuche has two major academic foci: spirituality and interfaith. He has published many books and articles in these fields. He is coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Meditation at Catholic Theological College. He has been actively involved in many programs and in organisations such as: the Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission of the Archdiocese of Melbourne; the Victorian Council of Churches; the Premier’s Multifaith Advisory Group; the Parliament of the World’s Religions; the Faith Communities Council Victoria. He leads an interfaith community on the outskirts of Melbourne.

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