Contemporary Insight Tradition

These secular meditations are drawn from foundational teachings from the Insight tradition. The practices employ different techniques to anchor us into the body and support us to settle the mind. In quietening the mind we can see freshly and insight is given room to arise.

Name of the tradition

Contemporary Insight Meditation

Broad school

Insight Meditation

Specific school

Melbourne Insight Group

What can attendees expect?

Attendees can expect to learn foundational practices for developing insight into themselves and the world. The practices help to strengthen inner resourcefulness to meet and attend to the challenges of inner and outer life. “We can’t control what comes at us but meditation practice provides us agency in our response.”

Meditative practices intend to loosen knots of tension and patterns of stress; freeing up innovative and creative thinking. Meditations will also include metta (heart) practices to re-kindle care and empathy for ourselves, others and the surrounding environment.

These practices are anchored in the body, in the ‘here and now,’ and open up new ways to relate with our experience, giving headway for fresh encounters with ourselves and the world.

About the teacher

Anton Eastick

Anton leads Insight Meditation retreats, daylongs and courses at Melbourne Insight Meditation. As well, he offers Hakomi therapy, a Buddhist/Taoist based therapy for individuals and Relationship Life Therapy (RLT) for couples in Northcote. These forms of therapy are deigned to be complementary for meditation practices. For many people who enjoy meditation, there may come a time where we need the help of someone else to free us from old patterns that bring us down and point the way to relational joy again. He lives in Northcote, Melbourne.

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