Buddhist | Korean Seon (Zen)

Zen is a three-pronged practice of concentration, mindfulness, and enquiry. It calls us to be fully present to ourselves and to each situation, listening for what is being asked of us, trusting that the answer will reveal its wisdom in our actions and its resonance in the world around us.

Name of the tradition


Broad school


Specific school

Koeran Seon (Zen)

What can attendees expect?

The session begins with a gentle somatic mindfulness practice that helps to liberate a deep tenderness within and facilitates a greater perception and awareness in mind-body field. Koans (a riddle or puzzle that Zen Buddhists use during meditation) will be introduced to facilitate enquiry. We then gradually expand the enquiry phase in creative engagement with the ancient koans that are still profoundly useful today.

About the teacher

Sunim Venerable BomHyon

Sunim has been a meditation practitioner and teacher of the Dharma for many years. She currently lives in NSW and is undertaking doctoral research at Western Sydney University, focusing on cultural and spiritual wellbeing needs of the Gens Y/Z student demographic. Her deep commitment is to engagement with others who are spiritually and ecologically motivated to live in right relationship to the planet and all beings.