Charles Kemp: Towards a unifying account of inductive reasoning

People learn and reason about animals, spatial relations, kinsfolk, and many other domains, and solve a broad range of inductive problems within each of these domains.  The full set of domains and the full set of inductive problems within these domains can be collectively described as the conceptual universe. I will present a systematic characterization of the conceptual universe that helps to clarify the relationships between familiar inductive problems such as property induction, categorization, and stimulus generalization, and that introduces new inductive problems for psychological investigation. I will illustrate the framework using case studies that include behavioral and computational studies of generalization, discovery and identification.

SpeakerAssociate Professor Charles Kemp, Carnegie Mellon University

Date: Wednesday December 13, 1.00pm-2.00pm

Place: Room 822, Redmond Barry Building

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