Work, Study or Intern with Us

The Decision Science Hub is a highly collaborative group that welcomes interest to work, study, volunteer and intern with our hub and hub members. These collaborations may occur in many different ways (note that collaborations may not be possible at all times throughout the year):

  • Academic Collaboration
  • Masters Research Projects
  • PhD Research Projects
  • Paid Research Assistance
  • Research Internships via the following subjects:
    1. Arts Internship (MULT20010)
    2. Arts Internship (MULT30019)
    3. Biomedical Science Research Project (BIOM30003)
    4. Science Research Project (SCIE30001)
    5. Science and Technology Internship (SCIE30002)

What do we do?

To find out more about our members, their labs, and research projects, please visit the DSH "People" page. To see a list of our members' publications, please visit the DSH Google Scholar page.

Our People Our Publications

Current Vacancies and Projects

To view a list of available internship projects or vacancies and prospective Masters or PhD supervisors or projects within our hub, please click on the links below.

Internship Opportunities Masters/PhD Opportunities

Expression of Interest

If there are no current internships or projects available, we welcome you to express your interest in studying or interning with us through the forms below.

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