• Associate Professor Stefan Bode

    Director (currently on long service leave)

    Decision Neuroscience Lab (DLab)

  • Associate Professor Marta Garrido

    Acting Director

    Cognitive Neuroscience and Computational Psychiatry Lab

  • Dr Hinze Hogendoorn

    Deputy Director

    Timing in Brain and Behaviour Lab (Timing Lab)


  • Professor Rob Hester

    Head of School

    Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab

  • Professor Philip Smith

    Vision and Attention Lab

  • Professor Olivia Carter

    Perception and Pharmacology Lab

  • Associate Professor Katherine Johnson

    Attention Dynamics Lab

  • Dr Patrick Goodbourn

    Genes, Brain and Behaviour Lab

  • Dr Daniel Feuerriegel

    Prediction and Decision-Making Lab

  • Dr Simon Cropper

    Vision and Attention Lab

  • Dr Jason Forte

    Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

  • Dr Natalia Egorova

    Pain and Cognition Neuroimaging Lab

  • Dr Paul Garrett

    Vision and Attention Lab

  • Dr Jacob Paul

    Genes, Brain and Behaviour


  • Lauren Fong
    Lauren Fong

    Decision Science Hub Coordinator

  • Affiliates

    • Anthony Burkitt
      Professor Anthony Burkitt

      NeuroEngineering Lab

      Department of Biomedical Engineering

    • Anthony Hannan
      Professor Anthony Hannan

      Epigenetics and Neural Plasticity Lab

      Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

    • Jill Lei
      Associate Professor Jill Lei

      Department of Management and Marketing

    • Shinsuke Suzuki
      Associate Professor Shinsuke Suzuki

      Brain, Mind and Markets Lab

      Department of Finance

    • Dr Elizabeth Bowman

      Brain, Mind and Markets Lab

      Department of Finance

    • Dr Inbar Levy

      Melbourne Law School

    • Dr Nicholas Van Dam

      Decision-Making and Affective Learning in Emotional Conditions Laboratory (DALEC)

      Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences


    • Helen Dixon
      Dr Helen Dixon

      Principal Research Fellow

      Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer

      Cancer Council Victoria