Podcast - we want your stories!

The Melbourne School of Psychology is creating a podcast exploring psychological perspectives on society and culture.

We are currently seeking people with personal experiences of different topics (see below for current available topics) to feature on the podcast. We want to tell your story, and interweave it with psychological perspectives and information on research we are conducting in these spaces. If you or a friend or family member are interested in participating, please get in touch with Amy Bugeja, Engagement and Partnerships Manager for the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences.

Please include some information on the story you would like to share, and your availability so we can make a time to speak with you. After this discussion, if you are invited to take part, please note the following details:

  • You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish, although your voice will be used.
  • You will need to come into a studio in person. The studio will be on the University of Melbourne campus, so you must be based in Melbourne.
  • You will be paid for your time and contribution via a gift voucher .
Available topics:

Big data

We’re investigating big data and we want to hear about your experiences of ‘data profiling’, how the content and advertisements you are fed through social media has been filtered based on the information you share online. We’re also interested in people’s experiences of having their data harvested, including through a data breach.

Conspiracy Theories 

We’re investigating the psychology behind misinformation and conspiracy theories and we’d like to hear from anyone who has recently experienced a close friend or family member who became a ‘truth seeker’. We’d also be interested in hearing from anyone who formerly believed in one or more conspiracy theories.