Ethics and Well-being Hub MTurk and Prolific Guide

You can view the Hubs MTurk and Prolific Guide here.

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Introduction to MTurk and Prolific Academic.

On the 3rd of April, the Ethics and Well-being Hub hosted a brief zoom introduction to the online research platforms, MTurk and Prolific.

The recording is available here along with the slides (PDF) which includes links to other helpful resources.

Please note that the slides have been slightly edited to include information based on questions asked during the session.

Ethics and Well-being Hub x GRiPS Student Workshops

In collaboration with the Graduate Researchers in Psychological Sciences (GRiPS), the EWB Hub has been running student workshops on topics most relevant to our upcoming early career research stars. We hope all MSPS students find these resources useful and encourage students to contact the EWB Co-Ordinator at with any questions or suggestions for future topics.

Science Communication to a Non-Academic Audience

Presented on the 14th August 2020.
MSPS Engagement and Advancement Manager Amy Bugeja runs us through how to get the best out of your social media platforms, media engagement, and non-academic audience. Slides can be downloaded here.

Introduction to Grants

Presented on the 10th July 2020.
A general introduction to the world of grants. All advice should apply to small awards and prizes to large grants. Slides can be downloaded here.

Introduction to Experience Sampling Methods

Presented on the 25th June 2020.
Dr. Kalokerinos discusses when ESM is useful, when things can go wrong, and how to design and execute a good ESM study. Slides can be downloaded via Dr. Kalokerinos OSF page

Reviewing Journal Articles

Presented on the 15th May 2020.
A broad overview of the peer review process and your contributions as a reviewer. Slides can be downloaded here and a recording of the presentation is below.

The non-academic job market - Part 1

Presented 8th November 2019.
An initial introduction and discussion about non-academic jobs. The presentation is filled with opinions and insight from people who have completed PhDs and are now working outside of the university sector. Download the slides here.

CVs, response to selection criteria, research and teaching statements

Presented 4th October 2019.
Just some of the document you might need when applying for academic jobs. There is no recording of this presentation but you can download the slides here.

Understanding the academic job market

Presented 6th September 2019.
This presentation covers academic positions terminology, where to begin looking for academic positions, and what are some of the differences between the Australian, USA, and UK job market. Download the slides here.