Our expertise and methods

We are one of the few Centres in the world with the capacity to provide an integrated approach to all aspects of behaviour change. We operate a collaborative, co-creation approach to our research and product development based on the “Intervention Mapping” and RE-AIM frameworks. Co-creation of interventions is critical to engagement, sustainability and maintenance of impact. Interventions that fail to address the needs, priorities and skills of citizens, patients, practitioners, managers or policy makers are unlikely to be adopted, used for long or show real-world impact. We use research to develop theory, tools and interventions that give citizens, patients and managers greater control; equipping them to self-monitor, self-regulate and self-manage. We evaluate these theories, tools and interventions at individual, group, organisational and community levels, employing both outcome and process evaluations.

We employ a wide range of research methodologies including surveys and quantitative analyses; interviews and qualitative analyses; reviews and meta-analyses; laboratory, real-world and online experiments; and randomised controlled trials. We also co-design evidence-based software for websites and mobile devices.