2020 Learning and Teaching Initiative grant scheme results

The 2020 Learning and Teaching Initiative grant scheme (LTI) results have been announced, with a total of 10 grants awarded to Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences staff. The LTI provides funding to help staff design and implement innovative initiatives that drive teaching and learning excellence at the University. Criteria and categories for the LTI grants scheme varies year to year subject to priority areas of activity.

A record number of applications were submitted for the grant scheme, and we are delighted that our School has received the largest number of grants out of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. This is a testament to our strategic investment in innovative teaching practices and the commitment and dedication of our academic staff.

We appreciate the effort that goes into preparing a grant application and we commend and thank our staff who submitted applications but were unfortunately unsuccessful.

We are pleased to share with you the successful projects for 2020:

Category 1: Wholly online subjects

Online Mind, Brain and Behaviour 1 and 2

A/Prof Piers Howe

Thanks to contributors:

A/Prof Meredith McKague

Dr Stephen McKenzie

Dr Chris Groot

Dr Jason Forte

Dr Abi Brooker

Dr Katie Greenaway

Prof Nick Haslam

Dr Judith Humberstone

Dr Simon Cropper

The goal of this project is to create a 25-point wholly online subject that will cover the same material and be equivalent to PSYC10003 and PSYC10004. This subject will be offered in Semester 2 and will provide a flexible, mid-year entry into the Psychology Major, thereby making it easier for students to enrol in the major.

Category 2: Improving online learning quality

Graduate Research Methods

Prof Stephen Bowden

Mind, Brain and Behaviour 2

Dr Christopher Groot

Cognitive Psychology

A/Prof Meredith McKague

Psychological Science: Theory & Practice

A/Prof Meredith McKague, Dr Abi Brooker, Dr Vanja Rozenblat

Personality and Social Psychology

Dr Said


Category 3: General Learning and Teaching Initiatives

The ‘Digital Practice Portal’

Dr Christopher Groot

Thank you to contributors:

Prof Lisa Phillips

Dr Margaret Osborne

A/Prof Christina Bryant

Dr Jacqueline Anderson

A/Prof Meredith McKague

A/Prof Piers Howe

Dr Stephen McKenzie

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of telehealth practice. This project involves development of a flexible modular educational package to support MSPS professional graduate program students in developing the skills and knowledge they require to practice safely and effectively in digital modalities including but not limited to telephone, videoconference, and both synchronous and asynchronous text.

AI Software to Provide Instant Feedback on Formative Assignments

Prof Simon Dennis

Thank you to contributors:

Mr Kevin Shabahang

A/Prof Piers Howe

The goal of this project is to develop AI software to mark formative assessments automatically, providing immediate verbal comments and hints as to how students could improve their assessment, thereby allowing students to immediately revise and resubmit their assessment. By repeating this process multiple times, students will rapidly learn how to improve their written work.

An interactive app-based approach to improving online and in-place learning of advanced data analytic techniques    

Dr Geoff Saw

Thank you to contributors:

Ms Danielle Van Os

Ms Elle Pattenden

Mr Andrew Legg

Dr Adam Osth

Dr Meredith McKague

This LTI will support the development of an integrated suite of learning tools covering honours-level data analysis concepts, accompanied by a set of collaborative learning exercises. The tools make use of Shiny, a web application framework for the programming language R.