Sacred Heart Mission: Call for Casual Interviewers

The Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) is a three-year randomised control trial Conducted by the University of Western Australia in partnership with Swinburne University evaluating a new homelessness intervention conducted by Sacred Heart Mission. This intervention aims to break the cycle of chronic long-term homelessness and improve residential status, social inclusion, employment outcomes and the mental health and well-being of those experiencing homelessness.

A pilot study of the initial program was completed in 2013. This pilot examined the effectiveness of the program and collected data from 2009 to 2012. The pilot evaluation demonstrated positive outcomes for participants, however the program requires enhancement and a more rigorous evaluation.

This project will involve the refinement of J2SI based on the pilot results and testing the new program on a larger population in Melbourne.

The J2SI project aims are to:

1. Evaluate the impact of a new homelessness intervention compared with existing service provision with regards to;

  • Education, Employment and Income
  • Social Inclusion
  • Mental Health
  • Physical health
  • Housing
  • Service Usage

2. Examine the cost of the new homelessness program compared with existing service provision;

3. Provide a framework for scaling up the intervention should results be positive.

Position Criteria:

We urgently require interviewers to administer surveys to homeless people on an ad hoc casual contract basis.

Interviewers must have research or employment experience in working with vulnerable populations, particularly those with experience in studies/work with prison populations, complex and severe mental health issues, drug and alcohol issues, sex workers and other disadvantaged populations.

Prerequisite is a completion of a degree in social work, psychology, criminology, public health, youth work, disability or similar.

Please send a detailed CV with academic and/or professional referees to:

Professor Paul Flatau and Dr Monica Thielking