Ambulatory Assessment and Intervention Network Symposium 2017

The inaugural AAI Network Symposium, which was held at the Melbourne Brain Centre on May 1st, was a resounding success.

Organised by Dr Peter Koval and PhD candidate Antoinette Poulton of the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, the Symposium was an opportunity for investigators working across a variety of fields to showcase research reliant on ecologically valid methods, such as smartphone apps and devices that monitor physiological functioning. Over 100 people attended the event, which saw 22 researchers present their findings from projects concentrating on addiction, emotion, personality, eating disorders and body image, emerging technologies and their application, and cognition.

Keynote speakers A/Profs Michael Zyphur and Matthew Fuller-Tyshkiewicz shared their expertise. Michael's presentation on making casual inferences using intensive longitudinal data addressed data analysis issues in the field, while Matthew concentrated on current applications and future directions in the area of ambulatory assessment.

This was the first time academics using ambulatory assessment or intervention came together for the purposes of sharing their research in Australia and feedback on the day suggests it won’t be the last.