2015 Capstone Event - Message from head of school

Dear colleagues,

Yesterday evening's Capstone Poster Presentation Event was another wonderful showcase of undergraduate research. Despite the unseasonably cold weather spirits were high as a record 107 posters were displayed.

The quality of the work on show and the presentation of the posters themselves continues to rise over the years.

Huge thanks go to Judi Humberstone for organising the event and for running the Capstone with her usual enthusiasm, efficiency and careful planning.Thanks also to all staff who gave capstone lectures, supervised capstone seminars, did behind the scenes administration, and contributed to the very obvious satisfaction with the subject among the students.

Well done all!

Winning Posters

  • When is it Ok To Not Say No? Attitudes Towards Cognitive Enhancement Mediated By Intention - L.Moncur, J.Yuen, S.Rosman, V.Warner
  • Getting Emojional - S.McKay, M.Blakeney, N.Sutton
  • The 'Power' of Pedagogy in Psychological Sciences - G.Camerlengo, D.Stammers, D.Coffey, E.Lawn, J.Newman, M.Powell
  • Network Brokerage: Unexpectedly Different in a Friendship Context - R.Abeywickrama, B.Lewis, P.Ashton
  • The need for speed?: A trade-off between speed and accuracy in the communication of emotional words - F. D'Aprano, A.Kuek, C. Smith, H. Turner-Revach, J. Kettle, M. Mitrione, M. Kaka
  • Mindsight: Detecting changes that cannot be identified - T. Bainbridge, B. Smith, N. Ikin, P. O'Brien, V. Lay
  • Predicting Attitudes Towards MDMA-Assisted Treatment for PTSD - M. Edelman, N. Lugano, A. Macpherson, D. Leigh
  • Factors Predicting Green Bag Use - D. Hammond, L. Rodgers, B. Borges, H. Lam, Lee, C., R. Donaghey
  • Associations Between Auditory and Visual Attention Impairment and Self-Assessed Mental Health Quality of Life in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis - E.McKie, K. Loy, K.Perera, K. Lo
  • Emotional Words Elicit a Speed-Accuracy Trade-off in Non-Verbal Communication Game - P.Shields, A. Lo, E. Qing, M. Butera, M. Fukuoka, N. Debski, R. de Jager