Dr Gemma Skaczkowski wins 2016 Velma Stanley award

Dr Gemma Skaczkowski, a recent PhD graduate who was supervised by Professor Yoshi Kashima and honorary Professorial Fellow Melanie Wakefield, and who now works at Cancer Council Victoria, has received the Velma Stanley award. This University of Melbourne award honours a researcher who has written an essay on an addiction-related topic, and recognises one of Gemma’s recent publications, co-authored with Yoshi, Melanie and honorary Principal Fellow Sarah Durkin.

Skaczkowski, G., Durkin, S., Kashima, Y., & Wakefield, M. (2016). The effect of packaging, branding and labeling on the experience of unhealthy food and drink: A review. Appetite, 99, 219-234.

Colleagues with razor-sharp memories may recall that this is the second year running that MSPS students have won this award, with Antoinette Poulton and Leonie Duhlmeyer receiving awards last year.