2019 MSPS Bridging Fellowships

We would like to congratulate Margaret Webb and Dr Julian Simmons on being the successful recipients of our 2019 MSPS Bridging Fellowships.

Margaret’s research examines the psychological basis of transformative experiences and inspiration, recently acknowledged by our Dean as pertinent to the new University Green Paper on student life. Dr Julian Simmons performs research investigating the link between the microbiome and mental health, and has been one of the driving forces behind the current exhibition at the Melbourne Museum, Gut Feelings: Your Mind, Your Microbes. Make sure you take some time to check it out!

We would also like to congratulate Dr Daniel Feuerriegel on being the School’s new Decision Science Fellow. Daniel’s research examines perceptual decision making and how our past decisions influence our decision making strategies. He has been an active member of the School’s Decision Science Hub and the research group of A/Prof Stefan Bode.

It is great to be able to welcome each of our new Fellows to the School. We look forward to working with them, and the ongoing contributions they will make to the life of the School.