Australia's first family study on singing and music ability

In the first study of its kind in Australia, a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the University of Melbourne and University of Montreal aims to investigate the biological basis of music and singing abilities.

The research team, led by Professor Sarah Wilson, is seeking to enlist the help of families where clustering of above-average or below-average music and singing abilities occur, in order to look for genes that may explain the clustering.

Participation in the first part of the study involves completing three assessments of music and singing ability online. Each assessment takes around 20-30 minutes and do not need to be completed in one sitting. Based on the outcome of the assessments, eligible families will be contacted to arrange for DNA sample collection, subject to informed consent.

People who have six or more family members (aged 15 years and over) who share above-average OR below-average music and singing abilities may contact Dr Yi Ting Tan at or express their interest at