Celebrating Ron Taft's contribution to psychology

Ron Taft, retired Professor of Social Psychology recently celebrated his 100th birthday.

Professor Nick Haslam observed:

"Ron has had a long-standing association with the School of Psychological Sciences (formerly the Department of Psychology), first as a student in the late 1930s, then as a tutor in the late 1940s, and then as a Reader in the late 1960s. As a pioneer in the field of Australian social psychology, he was closely involved in the Melbourne department, which was the leading national institution in that field, graduating its first Australian PhDs. Ron is an important part of a strong tradition of work on social and cultural psychology in the School that continues to this day."

The Academy of Social Sciences produced a short video and sent it to Ron Taft as a tribute on his 100th birthday.

Ron Taft was born in Melbourne in 1920 and graduated in Arts from Melbourne University in 1939. After doing postgraduate work at Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley, Ron held academic positions at the University of Western Australia and the University of Melbourne (Reader in Psychology, 1966-1968) before his appointment as Professor of Social Psychology at Monash University.

Ron has had a distinguished and diverse research career, with an outstanding publication record in the fields of personality assessment and dynamics, and social and cultural psychology. He earned an international reputation for his pioneering research and publications in the field of ethnicity and the psychology of immigration which he commenced in the 1950s and continued for 30 years. His work in the 1950s on personality assessment has also been heavily cited in the international literature. In 1976 Ron was awarded the Silver Medal by the Royal Society of Victoria for his contributions to scientific research. In addition, he held important leadership roles including service as President of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology.