Clinical Mindfulness MMC

'Well-being in the time of Covid' is a series of short online well-being related courses being developed in response to a call from the FMDHS Dean and Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching, for free and short online courses for students, and potentially also for staff, in response to the Covid crisis.

1. `Mindfulness techniques for improving well-being', has been completed and has gone live with almost 230 enrolments so far. This can be accessed here.
2. `Resilience techniques for improving well-being' – has just been completed and will go live soon.
3. `Behaviour Change techniques for improving well-being' –  is being developed by Centre for Behaviour Change staff – Dr Michelle Jongenelis, Prof Charles Abraham and Prof Ron Borland – and will be completed and available in a few weeks.

The first MSPS microcert `Clinical Mindfulness' has been approved for development and production supported by MSPACE by the end of October. This could be the first of 4 micocerts in a MSPS specialty series `Reality Psychology' that will also include `Clinical Behaviour Change' and `Well-being in Practice' microcerts.