Congratulations to Dr Meredith McKague

Congratulations go out to Dr Meredith McKague who received the MDHS Award for Sustained Excellence in Learning and Teaching recognising her initiative ‘Engaging Curricula, and Assessment of Key Learning Outcomes in Large Undergraduate Psychology Classes’.

This award celebrates the outstanding work of an academic who has demonstrated sustained excellence and achievement in learning and teaching for four or more years. What a worthy recipient of this award Meredith is.

Meredith is Convenor of Academic Innovation in our school and is an academic who coordinates and teaches some of our largest subjects. Of course, teaching enormous subjects can be hard. But while we may think of large classes as those in which connections and relations can be at risk, Meredith demonstrates highly personal, empathetic approaches which see her connect deeply with the students of these cohorts through excellent practices within the curriculum, and also often beyond by means of alumni evenings, expert panels, film nights and other opportunities.

For Meredith, her students are on a journey. Joining them on the journey, Meredith engages them with practices designed to support their wellbeing, social connectedness, leadership capabilities, ethical practices and understandings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Meredith has a deeply scholarly approach to teaching. Beyond our school, Meredith engages closely with her colleagues in the Faculty’s Learning and Teaching Strategy Committee. She has been actively engaged in the development of this conference. She was actively engaged in the development of the Dean’s Fellowships for Learning and Teaching Excellence. I could say a lot more about Meredith’s talents and achievements, but let me just stress how wonderful and fitting it is that I can now present Meredith with the MDHS Award for Sustained Excellence in Learning and Teaching.