Ethics & Well-being Hub Launch

On Tuesday 23 July, the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences formally launched the Ethics and Well-being Hub. Joined by leaders in industry and government, we celebrated this landmark moment and opened the doors for collaborative efforts to address some of the pressing issues of our time.

The hub brings together social and personality psychologists, interested in understanding what makes people different, as well as how people interact and respond with the worlds they live in. This talented group bring with them outstanding international reputations as leaders in their respective fields of research. Their combined expertise will help place the University of Melbourne and the community we serve at the forefront of issues such as climate change, loneliness and social isolation, body image and eating disorders, diversity and gender relations, culture, behavioural ethics, political polarization & a crises of trust.

The Hub studies both what makes people different, as well as how people interact and respond to the social, political, cultural, and ecological aspects of the worlds they live in.

This places the Hub in a unique position to tackle many of the critically important issues facing society today

This initiative is unique in that it brings together the science of how we can benefit others and how and why this is critical to our own wellbeing.

If we are to move forward as a global human society, understanding how these two factors are intimately intertwined is going to be fundamental to our future success

For more information on the Hub, or to arrange a meeting to explore possible collaboration, please contact the Hub via