GRIPS Student Society Update: August 2016

GRIPS: RHD Mentoring

The goal of this initiative is to connect students who are beginning their research careers (or simply seeking a friendly ear) with senior PhD students who have been through the same struggles and can provide advice, support and companionship.

Eligibility: Any psychology RHD student (PhD, MA or honours!)
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GRIPS RHD Mentoring Flyer

GRIPS: Free Film Screening of Blue Eyed (1996)

Blue Eyed movie poster GRIPS Film Night poster

A 1996 documentary by Bertram Verhaag on Jane Elliot’s psychological experiment that turned cooperative, thoughtful children into vicious, discriminating third-graders in the space of fifteen minutes.

What: A free screening of the film "Blue Eyed"
When: 17:30 on the 11th August
Where: Latham Theatre

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