Hot off the press: June 2016

View a range of publications from the academic team of the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences during the month of June 2016.

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Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory

Tye, C., Johnson, K.A., Kelly, S. P., Asherson, P., Kuntsi, J., Ashwood, K.L., Azadi, B., Bolton, P., & McLoughlin, G. Response time variability under slow and fast-incentive conditions in children with ASD, ADHD and ASD+ADHD. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, in press. 

Knowledge Laboratory

Chang, T-Y., Little, D. R. & Yang, C-T. (2016). Selective attention modulates the effect of target location probability on redundant signal processing. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics. [Accepted 28-Apr-2016]

Other Publications

Bakker, K., Catroppa, C., & Anderson, V.  (Accepted September 22nd 2015). Recovery of olfactory function following pediatric traumatic brain injury: A longitudinal follow-up. Journal of Neurotrauma.

Bakker, K., Catroppa, C., & Anderson, V.  (Accepted 31st August, 2015). Anosmia and olfactory outcomes following pediatric traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury.

Chávez, C., Yáñez, G., Catroppa, C., Rojas, S., Escartin, E, Hearps, S., García, A. (2016). Adolescents with vascular frontal lesion: a neuropsychological follow up case study. Neurocirugía, 27(3), 136-143.

Machida, K., Chin, M., Johnson, K.A. The provision of partial notes is not associated with improved student attention in lectures or subsequent understanding of the lecture material. Active Learning in Higher Education, in press 

Ryan, N.P., Catroppa, C., Godfrey, C., Noble-Haeusslein, L.J.,  Shultz, S.R., O'Brien, T.J., Anderson, V., Semple, B.D. (Accepted 25th February, 2016). Social dysfunction after pediatric traumatic brain injury: a translational perspective. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews

Ryan, N., Catroppa, C., Beare, R., Silk, T.J., Crossley, L., Beauchamp, M.H., Yeates, K.O., Anderson, V. (Accepted January 2016). Theory of Mind Mediates the Prospective Relationship between Abnormal Social Brain Network Morphology and Chronic Behavior Problems after Pediatric Traumatic Brain injury (TBI).  Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

Stewart, E., Catroppa, C., & Lah, S. (2016). Theory of mind in patients with epilepsy: a systematic review and meta-analysis.  Neuropsychology Review, 26, 3-24.

Van Bingnen, L., Ryan, N., Catroppa, C., Beauchamp, M., Crossley, L., Hearps, S., Anderson, V. (Accepted 19th December 2015). Longitudinal Outcome and Recovery of Social Problems after Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Contribution of Brain Insult and Family Environment. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience.

Publications sourced from Web of Science

Battersby, A., & Phillips, L. (2016). In the end it all makes sense: Meaning in life at either end of the adult lifespan. International Journal of Aging & Human Development, 83, 184-204.

Byrne, M. L., Whittle, S., & Allen, N. B. (2016). The role of brain structure and function in the association between inflammation and depressive symptoms: A systematic review. Psychosomatic Medicine, 78, 389-400.

Chavez, C. L., Yanez, G., Catroppa, C., Rojas, S., Escartin, E., Hearps, S. J. C., & Garcia, A. (2016). Adolescents with vascular frontal lesion: A neuropsychological follow up case study. Neurocirugia, 27, 136-143.

Connor, P., Harris, E., Guy, S., Fernando, J., Shank, D. B., Kurz, T., Bain, P. G., & Kashima, Y. (2016). Interpersonal communication about climate change: How messages change when communicated through simulated online social networks. Climatic Change, 136, 463-476.

Gray, S. A., & Reeve, R. A. (2016). Number-specific and general cognitive markers of preschoolers' math ability profiles. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 147, 1-21.

Martini, M. G., Solmi, F., Krug, I., Karwautz, A., Wagner, G., Fernandez-Aranda, F., Treasure, J., & Micali, N. (2016). Associations between eating disorder diagnoses, behaviors, and menstrual dysfunction in a clinical sample. Archives of Women’s Mental Health, 19, 553-557.

McGarrity, M. E., Sinn, D. L., Thomas, S. G., Marti, C. N., &  Gosling, S. D. (2016). Comparing the predictive validity of behavioral codings and behavioral ratings in a working-dog breeding program. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 179, 82-94.

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Pearson, L. J., Wilson, S., Kashima, Y., Lusher, D., & Pearson, C. J. (2016). Imagined past, present and futures in Murray-Darling Basin communities. Policy Studies, 37, 197-215.