Kun Zhao wins 2016 Student Publication Award

Congratulations go to PhD student Kun Zhao, who has just won the 2016 Student Publication Award of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, the world's largest organisation in these fields. Kun's award-winning paper, co-authored with her supervisor Dr Luke Smillie, was entitled "The role of interpersonal traits in social decision making: Exploring sources of behavioral heterogeneity in economic games", and appeared in the field's top theory and review journal, Personality and Social Psychology Review. Kun will accept the award at the 2017 SPSP convention.

Zhao, K. & Smillie, L. D. (2015). The Role of Interpersonal Traits in Social Decision Making: Exploring Sources of Behavioral Heterogeneity in Economic Games. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 19(3), 277-302.