Malcolm Macmillan's launchs book on Snowy Campbell

In writing this biography Malcolm Macmillan has done the history of science a considerable service in resurrecting the memory of the now largely forgotten great pioneer Australian-born neuroscientist Alfred Walter Campbell who, a little more than a century ago, provided the first detailed account of the regional cellular architecture of the human cerebral cortex. That was not Campbell’s only contribution for, in the earlier years of his career, while in Britain, he also carried out major neuropathology investigations, and after returning to Australia became the first person to practise full-time as a clinical neurologist in that country. Macmillan’s amply illustrated account of Campbell’s life is based not only on already published material but also on extensive previously unavailable data that the author has patiently sought from numerous original sources and then assembled against a background of the patterns of social and medical life that prevailed in Australia in a bygone day.

Mervyn Eadie
Emeritus Professor of Neurology,  University of Queensland

Malcolm Macmillan's book on Snowy Campbell: Australian Pioneer Investigator of the Brain was launched on 19th November. It is available from Australian Scientific Publishing at or from Readings in Carlton.

Format: Paperback, 400 pp. ISBN: 978-1-925333-74-9 Price: AUD44

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