OHS Induction & Training Awareness

What is a “local OHS induction”?

The Local OHS Induction introduces personnel to building emergency procedures, emergency contacts, local hazards, risk management, security arrangements, consultation and University policy and procedures. The Local OHS Induction is a legal requirement that needs to be formally recorded, and is managed separately to the University HR induction conducted by Supervisors.

Induction Information checklist (PDF 57.9 KB)

When is a Local OHS induction required?

A Local OHS Induction must be performed when one of the following conditions are met:

  • New staff/student*/visitor** commences with the University; or
  • Existing staff/student/visitor relocated to a new work environment; or
  • The existing work environment and/or work activities are significantly altered

* Student is commonly (but not limited to) a post graduate student who works unsupervised
** Visitor is a person who works (e.g. conducting research) unsupervised for a period <3 months including contractors

Local inductions are currently conducted by Swaved Marcinski – MSPS OHS Advisor

Contact Swaved

What is “OHS training” and when is it required?

Separate to the OHS Induction, OHS training requirements will be identified during the local induction and listed in the subsequent summary email. There are two categories of OHS training: 'mandatory' and 'task-specific'. Mandatory OHS training is required by all University staff and post-graduate students and should be completed within the first six weeks of commencement at the University. Task-specific OHS training examples consist of first-aid, emergency warden training amongst or lab based modules.

Regarding off-site staff/students

Staff/students who work primarily off-site i.e. The Psychology Clinic in North Melbourne, are also required to complete an OHS induction as well as the mandatory online OHS training to ensure they are aware of their OHS roles and responsibilities and undertake work safely.

How do I organise an induction or training?

Staff with supervisory roles must ensure their staff/students complete an induction by contacting Swaved and then following up with their subordinates to ensure that all mandatory training is undertaken within the first  six weeks of commencement in the role. Email reminders are sent for any expired training and should be actioned as soon as possible.

If you have any questions with regards to the above please don’t hesitate to contact Swaved Marcinski – MSPS OHS Advisor

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