OHS Newsletter - June 2016

Risk Management

One of the FMDHS OHS team’s commitments is to provide you with standardised and a more streamlined process. Recently, we have finalised a set of tools on Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) that consists of:

  • Guide to Writing SOP;
  • SOP template and
  • SOP training record template.

The intention of this tool is to assist you in:

  • Identifying the need why SOP is important to be completed;
  • Providing you with step by step guide on what to do when preparing a SOP, e.g. hazard identification, control measures to be included, etc;
  • Improving safety awareness within your department/laboratory group.

The tools and advice are available from your local OHS Team. When the migration of the Faculty Intranet to the new platform is fully completed, these materials will also be available on the Faculty’s OHS Intranet. Further communication will be provided.

2016 Audit activities

The WorkSafe is scheduled to conduct an audit at the UoM and preparation of this visit is progressing.

Q: What you can do to help the preparation for the audit?
A: Have current OHS training.

Whist the OHS Advisors continue sending reminders; it will be appreciated if you can check your Themis training records to see if your trainings are still current, i.e. within 3 years.

Follow this prompt to access your learning history on Themis: Expand ‘UOM Staff Self Service’ -> choose ’Performance and Development’ -> choose ‘Training and Development’ -> click ‘Learning History’ box.

Click here to access the OHS refresher training materials.

Outcome from previous team meeting

At the last OHS team meeting, a laboratory incident in a research laboratory in Hawaii was discussed. It was an explosion involving oxidising compressed gas and a Postdoctoral fellow lost their arm. It was found that the digital pressure gauge used was not intrinsically safe. Additionally, before this incident happened, a smaller explosion occurred using a similar set up. That incident was not reported as there was no safety protocol addressing that.

Lessons learnt from this incident:

  • The importance of choosing the correct equipment and correct use.
  • The importance of reporting incident/hazard so another incident can be prevented.

Click here for the full report of this incident.