Recognising Associate Professor Bob Reeve

A/Prof Bob Reeve retired at the end of July 2019, joining the esteemed group of honorary colleagues in our School.

Bob has been a member of our School for almost 30 years, over which time he has made a remarkable contribution as a senior leader of our Developmental Psychology group, bringing great research depth, scholarship in Teaching & Learning, and academic mentorship to many junior colleagues.

Bob has had a very distinguished academic career, leading an important program of research at the University on developmental dyscalculia, and more generally on the development of the representation of quantity and number in children. In collaboration with Prof Brian Butterworth, he has also explored a particular interest in the representation of quantity and number in the Australian indigenous community. He has acted as an advisor to Federal and State Government committees, having longstanding connections with the Victorian Education system and with the Victorian State Government advising on mathematical learning difficulties, and also serving on Federal Government committees on indigenous matters.

Bob has published around 100 articles during his career and has been a very popular teacher and successful supervisor of many Honours and PhD students. Recently with Dr Judi Humberstone, he has also supported the development of the School’s new Dyscalculia Clinic, which diagnoses and assists with the treatment of developmental dyscalculia in school-age children, providing an important resource in the Victorian community. While Bob leaves a great academic legacy, fortunately he is not leaving us, and will continue to play a vital role in the life of our School.

Thank-you Bob, for your enormous contribution and longstanding commitment to our School, both as a colleague and friend to many of us.