SANE Australia Partnership Launch

On Monday 17 May 2019, the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences partnership with SANE Australia was launched, and is a powerful demonstration of what two organisations can achieve by working together with the goal of improving the lives of Australians affected by complex mental health issues through research and translation.

The partnership presents immense opportunities for the University of Melbourne and SANE Australia to join forces to invest substantially in meaningful research and programs to support those who are affected by complex mental health issues. A number of emerging and transformational initiatives are already underway – such as:

  • Embedding a lived experience component in our Psychology student curriculum.
  • Research examining for the first time how Australians living with complex mental health issues experience stigma and discrimination across a range of areas, including housing, education, employment, health services and media representations, to help drive positive change, and research into improving outcomes for those that access teleweb mental health services.
  • Partnering with the Anne Deveson Research Centre (ADRC), a SANE Australia initiative, to enable the ADRC’s flagship research project, the National Stigma Report Card which is the largest survey of its kind conducted in Australia to date and is expected to provide a baseline by which to assess stigma and discrimination over time. We will make the data from the National Stigma Report Card as widely available as we can, including for policymakers and service designers, to understand regional differences and drive change at a local and practical level.  This project will enable us to get a comprehensive picture of the experiences that so many of us in the room hear about on a daily basis or indeed experience ourselves. And, most importantly, it will help us do something about it.

The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences have a unique opportunity to drive mental health reform by working with mental health organisations such as SANE Australia on our combined research, innovation and advocacy. With the reforms that should flow from the Victorian Royal Commission into mental health, there is an unprecedented opportunity for the University of Melbourne, and its partners, to be at the forefront in developing the best mental health services in the world.

The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences  and SANE Australia sees our partnership as a critical element in realising our vision for an Australia where everyone affected by complex mental health issues can live a long and fulfilling life free from stigma and discrimination.

For further information, please contact Dr Chris Groot.