The Science of Craving the Bass Drop

Light and sound by Sagesolar

Current PhD student Kiralee Musgrove was recently interviewed on the Tripple J program Hack for her research in the field of music neuroscience on why the brain craves the bass drop.

“The build-up is where the DJ [producer] is adding layer upon layer of instrument, the rhythms sound compressed, the volume’s going up and finally you get to the point where the dj drops the bass back into the music.”

The full Tripple J Hack article can be viewed here.

If you would like to participate in future research in this area, Kiralee is looking for more study participants for theMusic and Craving study investigating what drives the experience of craving resolution of tension, or “the drop”, when listening to electronic music.

Candidates must reside in Melbourne, be under 40 years old and have no existing hearing problems. Visit this site to read more and register to participate.

More about Kiralee

I am a Provisional Psychologist completing my final year of clinical training at the University of Melbourne. I am also a PhD researcher in the field of music neuroscience. I conduct my research under Professor Sarah Wilson as part of the Cognitive, Auditory, and Affective Neurosciences Lab.