Brain Behaviour Research Foundation Young Investigator Grant success

Congratulations to Dr Trevor Steward who has been awarded a Brain Behaviour Research Foundation (BBRF) Young Investigator Grant, involving a collaboration between our School and the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre to examine the role of forebrain nuclei in eating disorders using 7T fMRI.

The BBRF Young Investigator Grant scheme covers a broad spectrum of mental health disorders and is intended to serve as a catalyst for obtaining additional funding, providing researchers with "proof of concept" for their work. BBRF Young Investigator Grants provide $70,000 USD for two years to enable promising investigators to either extend research fellowship training or begin careers as independent research faculty. Since these grants are predominantly awarded to researchers based in the US, this achievement is particularly impressive! It also comes on the back of Trevor's recent success in the MRFF Investigator grant scheme and the award of a McKenzie Fellowship, making this a hat-trick!

What an amazing achievement Trevor – congratulations on all your hard work and great success.