Brock Bastian awarded Dame Kate Campbell Fellowship

The Dame Kate Campbell Fellowship recognises the incredible contributions to our Faculty through outstanding research and wider involvement in our local community and the world stage. Fellows are appointed based on academic bench marking metrics, research impact, national and international research standing, leadership (subject to career stage), engagement, adherence to Faculty values and alignment with the Faculty’s strategic priorities.

Associate Professor Brock Bastian is Head of the Ethics and Well-being Hub and has been awarded a 2019 Dame Kate Campbell Fellowship. Brock is a social psychologist and his research broadly focuses on the topics of ethics and well-being. In his research on well-being, he has addressed questions such as why promoting happiness may have a downside, the cultural factors leading to depression, and why valuing our negative and painful experiences in life is a critical pathway to achieving happiness. Brock’s research on behavioural ethics broadly focuses on the various motivations that shape our ethical decision making around important social issues and how people resolve conflicts of interest. This extends to issues such as the treatment of animals and the environment. Broadly, Brock’s research seeks to understand the link between ethical behaviour and personal well-being, and why this link is critical to meaning and fulfillment in life.

Congratulations Brock on this well-deserved fellowship.