The Great Debate: Do we Need Leaders?

Free Public Lecture

The Great Debate: Do we Need Leaders?

The B117 Theatre, Basement
Melbourne School of Design
Masson Road


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Some say that leaders and hierarchies are fundamental for humans to live. As children, our parents or guardians teach us right from wrong, and our teachers educate us in times tables and teamwork.

As we grow up, we seek out leaders to ensure teams operate effectively. Democratic leaders seek input from team members and gifted leaders ensure everybody flourishes. A world without leaders could be chaotic, right?

But then there are authoritarian style leaders, Michael Scott-style leaders, cult leaders, and interesting choices in heads of government, such as the Donald Trumps of the world. Sometimes you have to wonder, do we need leaders at all?

Join us as we call on our most emphatically opinionated psychology academics to tear apart our notions of the necessity of leadership, and their opponents painstaking arguments. There might be costumes, there could be jobs at risk, but we assure you there will be laughs.


  •  Simon Taylor
    Simon Taylor, Comedian and Psychology Alumni