Hot Off the Press: April 2017

View a range of publications from the academic team of the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences during the previous calendar month.

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Burrows, E. L., Eastwood, A. F., May, C., Kolbe, S. C., Hill, T., McLachlan, N. M., Churilov, L., & Hannan, A. J. (2017). Social isolation alters social and mating behavior in the R451C neuroligin mouse model of autism. Neural Plasticity.

Carey, M., Sanson-Fisher, R., Macrae, F., Cameron, E., Hill, D., D'Este, C., & Doran, C (2017). Improving adherence to colorectal cancer surveillance guidelines: Results of a randomised controlled trial. BMC Cancer, 17.

Chen, W. Y., Wu, S. K., Song, T. F., Chou, K. M., Wang, K. Y., Chang, Y. C., & Goodbourn, P. T. (2017). Perceptual and motor performance of combat-sport athletes differs according to specific demands of the discipline. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 124, 293-313.

Ellis, R., Seal, M. L., Adamson, C., Beare, R., Simmons, J. G., Whittle, S., & Allen, N. B. (2017). Brain connectivity networks and longitudinal trajectories of depression symptoms in adolescence. Psychiatry Research-Neuroimaging, 260, 62-69.

Emery, J. D., Jefford, M., King, M., Hayne, D., Martin, A., Doorey, J., Hyatt, A., Habgood, E., Lim, T., Hawks, C., Pirotta, M., Trevena, L., & Schofield, P. (2017). ProCare Trial: A phase II randomized controlled trial of shared care for follow-up of men with prostate cancer. BJU International, 119, 381-389.

Hearps, S., Seal, M., Anderson, V., McCarthy, M., Connellan, M., Downie, P., De Luca, C. (2017). The relationship between cognitive and neuroimaging outcomes in children treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia with chemotherapy only: A systematic review. Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 64, 225-233.

Hearps, S. J. C., Takagi, M., Babl, F. E., Bressan, S., Truss, K., Davis, GA., Godfrey, C., Clarke, C., Doyle, M., Rausa, V., Dunne, K., & Anderson, V. (2017). Validation of a score to determine time to postconcussive recovery. Pediatrics, 139.

Morawetz, C., Bode, S., Derntl, B., & Heekeren, H. R. (2017). The effect of strategies, goals and stimulus material on the neural mechanisms of emotion regulation: A meta-analysis of fMRI studies. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 72, 111-128.

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