Hot Off the Press: June 2018

View a range of publications from the academic team of the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences during the previous calendar month.

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Andrewes, H. E., Hulbert, C., Cotton, S. M., Betts, J., & Chanen, A. M. (2018). Patterns of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Their Relationship with Suicide Attempts in Youth with Borderline Personality Disorder. Archives of Suicide Research, 22(3), 465-478. doi:10.1080/13811118.2017.1358226

Bode, S., Bennett, D., Sewell, D. K., Paton, B., Egan, G. F., Smith, P. L., & Murawski, C. (2018). Dissociating neural variability related to stimulus quality and response times in perceptual decision-making. Neuropsychologia, 111, 190-200. doi:

Borsa, V. M., Perani, D., Della Rosa, P. A., Videsott, G., Guidi, L., Weekes, B. S., . . . Abutalebi, J. (2018). Bilingualism and healthy aging: Aging effects and neural maintenance. Neuropsychologia, 111, 51-61. doi:

Brydevall, M., Bennett, D., Murawski, C., & Bode, S. (2018). The neural encoding of information prediction errors during non-instrumental information seeking. Scientific Reports, 8(1), 6134. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-24566-x

Buhrmester, M. D., Talaifar, S., & Gosling, S. D. (2018). An Evaluation of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, Its Rapid Rise, and Its Effective Use. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 13(2), 149-154. doi:10.1177/1745691617706516

Greenaway, K. H., & Aknin, L. B. (2018). Do people turn to visible reminders of group identity under stress? Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 48(4), 205-216. doi:doi:10.1111/jasp.12503

Griffiths, S., Mitchison, D., Murray, S. B., & Mond, J. M. (2018). Pornography use in sexual minority males: Associations with body dissatisfaction, eating disorder symptoms, thoughts about using anabolic steroids and quality of life. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 52(4), 339-348. doi:10.1177/0004867417728807

Hall, S. E., Wrench, J. M., & Wilson, S. J. (2018). Assessment of emotion processing skills in acquired brain injury using an ability-based test of emotional intelligence. Psychological Assessment, 30(4), 524-538. doi:10.1037/pas0000501

Haslam, N. (2018). Do shamans violate notions of humanness? Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 41, e75. doi:10.1017/S0140525X17002060

Marsh, J. K., De Los Reyes, A., & Lilienfeld, S. O. (2018). Leveraging the Multiple Lenses of Psychological Science to Inform Clinical Decision Making: Introduction to the Special Section. Clinical Psychological Science, 6(2), 167-176. doi:10.1177/2167702617736853

Nielsen, M., Fischer, R., & Kashima, Y. (2018). Shamanism and the social nature of cumulative culture. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 41, e81. doi:10.1017/S0140525X17002126

Nikodijevic, A., Buck, K., Fuller‐Tyszkiewicz, M., Paoli, T., & Krug, I. (2018). Body checking and body avoidance in eating disorders: Systematic review and meta‐analysis. European Eating Disorders Review, 26(3), 159-185. doi:10.1002/erv.2585

Ryan, N. P., Scott, L., McPhee, M., Mathers, S., Davis, M.-C., Maule, R., & Fisher, F. (2018). Evaluating the Utility of a Structured Clinical Protocol for Reducing the Impact of Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Progressive Neurological Diseases: A Pilot Study. Behavioural Neurology, 2018, 9. doi:10.1155/2018/5420531

Seddon, M., Warren, N., & New, P. W. (2018). ‘I don’t get a climax any more at all’: Pleasure and non-traumatic spinal cord damage. Sexualities, 21(3), 287-302. doi:10.1177/1363460716688681

Siffredi, V., Anderson, V., McIlroy, A., Wood, A. G., Leventer, R. J., & Spencer-Smith, M. M. (2018). A Neuropsychological Profile for Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum? Cognitive, Academic, Executive, Social, and Behavioral Functioning in School-Age Children. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS, 24(5), 445-455. doi:10.1017/s1355617717001357

Smith, P. L., Corbett, E. A., Lilburn, S. D., & Kyllingsbæk, S. (2018). The power law of visual working memory characterizes attention engagement. Psychological Review, 125(3), 435-451. doi:10.1037/rev0000098

Trevis, K. J., McLachlan, N. M., & Wilson, S. J. (2018). A systematic review and meta-analysis of psychological functioning in chronic tinnitus. Clinical Psychology Review, 60, 62-86. doi:

Yim, H., Osth, A. F., Sloutsky, V. M., & Dennis, S. J. (2018). Evidence for the use of three-way binding structures in associative and source recognition. Journal of Memory and Language, 100, 89-97. doi:

Zuj, D. V., Palmer, M. A., Malhi, G. S., Bryant, R. A., & Felmingham, K. L. (2018). Endogenous salivary α-amylase does not interact with skin conductance response during fear extinction in posttraumatic stress disorder. Psychiatry Research, 262, 316-322. doi:10.1016/j.psychres.2018.02.016