Introduction to MUPA in 2017

Another academic year has arrived and whether you’re a new or returning student, there is a place for you in the university’s student-run Psychology Association. Since its revival in 2014, the club is stronger than ever and we would like to thank the School's ongoing support in endorsing the aims of the club and promoting the services that the club offers to students.

Every year, the Psychology Association runs a wide range of both social and academic events. 2016 was a particularly exciting year for the club. Like the many BBQs and drinks held for students, our academic events were also very successful particularly the Honours Information Night. This was a well-attended event for students to gain insight and advice on the honours application process at different universities.

Another popular event was the Third-Year Electives Information Night. This event enabled past and present students to share their experience and understanding of subjects offered to reduce elective-selection stress for future students.

Our ‘Peer-assisted Learning Seminars’ were another 2016 highlight for the club. This event provided students with the opportunity to not only engage with their peers but to also volunteer in facilitating the study groups during the SWOTvac period.

While these events are well-loved by the members, the new committee is eager to bring more social and academic events. So whether you’re looking for a place to befriend like-minded people or a group of welcoming faces to help you through the terrors of stats, the Psychology Association is happy to assist.

Contacting MUPA

Please feel free to send us an email for information on how to join us and connect with us on Facebook, at to stay updated with all our future events!


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