MSPS Colloquium - Improving Psychological Science

School Panel Discussion

Fiona Fidler, Felix Singleton Thorn, and Piers Howe

If you could do one thing to improve the way you do science, what would it be? This is the question we’ll be asking our panel members in the next MSPS Colloquium. Come along to hear about the latest best practices in psychological research and have your say and what we can all do to improve our science.

Fiona Fidler is an ARC Future Fellow exploring reproducibility and open science. She looks at publication bias, questionable research practices (like p-hacking, cherry picking, HARKing) and initiatives for improving inference.

Felix Singleton Thorn is a PhD student investigating quantitative research methods in Psychology at the University of Melbourne. He studies how people plan, report and interpret the results of psychological experiments.

Piers Howe is an Associate Professor based at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences. He studies a range of topics including social norms and behaviour change, perceptual learning, and vision-related psychological processes.

The panel discussion will be followed by drinks.