New book by Professor Cordelia Fine

Testosterone Rex Book Cover

Honorary staff member Professor Cordelia Fine has just published 'Testosterone Rex: Unmaking the myths of our gendered minds'. This powerful follow-up to 'Delusions of gender' (2010) challenges the view that biological sex is a fundamental force in human development and the idea that testosterone is the essence of masculinity.

Testosterone Rext is attracting very positive reviews, including this one from the New York Times.

About Professor Cordelia Fine

Cordelia Fine studied Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, followed by an M.Phil in Criminology at Cambridge University. She was awarded a Ph.D in Psychology from University College London. Between 2002 to 2011 she held research positions at Monash University, the Australian National University, and Macquarie University, and was an ARC Future Fellow from 2012-2016 in the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences. She also worked as an Associate Professor with the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, until the end of 2016. Cordelia is the author of three books: A Mind of its Own; Delusions of Gender; and Testosterone Rex. Her work has been shortlisted for several awards.

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