Educational & Developmental Psychology

We are pleased to advise you that the Melbourne University Educational Psychology Clinic has now re-opened in a limited capacity. We are currently offering face-to-face assessment services. Please use the enquiry form on the front webpage to organise an appointment.

Provisional psychologists from the Master of Educational Psychology Program are currently taking referrals for telehealth services. Educational psychologists are trained in supporting young people and their families with a range of needs. We can offer short-term intervention sessions on topics such as coping and resilience, friendship, stress and anxiety, self-esteem, study and learning skills, parenting, behavior management and social skills.

We are also currently seeking expressions of interest for group programs. All group programs will be delivered by provisional psychologists via telehealth. Individual and group interventions include social skills, anxiety management, academic skills, academic intervention and coping skills. Group programs are suitable for primary and secondary age students. Please contact us at to express your interest in receiving individual or group intervention services. One of our provisional psychologists will then contact you to arrange a time to speak further about your needs.

More about our services

We offer assessments for children, adolescents and tertiary students for problems in learning, behaviour and achievement. Young people are generally referred for psychological assessments when they are having difficulties at school, work or university. We offer psycho-educational assessments for children and adolescents that address questions about progress in learning, development and self-management.  Students may have difficulties in intellectual functioning, learning, memory, academic ability, attention and concentration that relate to specific learning disorders, intellectual disability or other developmental disorders, and giftedness.

In our assessments we provide a profile of cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations to enhance positive outcomes.  A thorough assessment is conducted followed by a feedback session and a report.  The assessment is provided by a provisional Educational Psychologist who is engaged in advanced post-graduate training in Educational Psychology.

We also provide individual counseling and group programs for children and adolescents to cater for anxiety and social difficulties. We also offer a number of programs for individuals or small groups of children, using evidence-based programs designed to assist children, young adolescents and their parents learn ways to manage anxiety.

All services are closely supervised by experienced registered Educational and Developmental Psychologists.