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  • Sarah Wilson was  featured in a news release for her election as Fellow of the Academy of Sciences in Australia (Nov)

Sarah Wilson - FASSA photo

  • Sarah Wilson was Interviewed by Allan Tait (Chief Operating Officer, The University of Melbourne) for two episodes of the In Conversation With series where she provided tips for managing mental health during the COVID-19 lockdown.  Watch the interviews here: Aug interviewOct interview

Sarah Wilson and Allan Tait - In Conversation With

  • Genevieve Rayner was interviewed for expert comment on an article in The New Yorker around paradoxical patterns of patient adjustment to seizure freedom following the insertion of a NeuroVista seizure detection device.
  • Sarah Wilson was interviewed on a number of radio programs:
  • Sarah Wilson was interviewed by Dr Andi Horvath for the Eavesdrop on Experts podcast (The University of Melbourne) entitled "The Brain Benefits of Music" (Sept)
  • Genevieve Rayner was interviewed for expert comment on an article in ABC News regarding research on the structural neurological changes linked to affective disorders in anxiety and depression (Aug)
  • Laura Bird was interviewed on an episode of the Welcome to My Nerd Brain podcast, hosted by Emily Fransen in the U.S.A. (Jul)
  • Sarah Wilson was interviewed for an article in BBC Future about the positive effects of singing on stress (May)
  • Sarah Wilson was interviewed for an article in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald titled "Waves, rains and chirping birds: How ambient sounds help to relieve anxiety" (May)
  • Sarah Wilson was interview for a news article in The Age titled "Victoria enters 'new normal' in pandemic response" (Mar)
  • Sarah Wilson was interviewed by Prof Sharon Lewin from The Doherty Institute about the community response to COVID-19 (Mar)

Sarah WIlson - Doherty Institute Interview

  • Sarah Wilson participated in a panel discussion at The Doherty Institute hosted by the Dean of the MDHS (The University of Melbourne), Prof Shitij Kapur, regarding the COVID-19 response (Mar)

Sarah Wilson - COVID panel participation

  • Sarah Wilson was interviewed for an article in ABC News titled "How your brain disentangles words and melody from a single line of song" (Feb)
  • Laura Bird was interviewed on 3RRR FM's Einstein-A-Go-Go program (Feb)

Laura Bird interview at Triple R FM