Compassionate Performer Study

Thank you for participating in the Compassionate Performer study. Below are the three 'Compassionate Self' meditations previously described to you. These can be downloaded to your device, or you can come back to this website and listen any time.

We ask that you try to listen to one meditation daily, at a time that is convenient for you. While you can choose any meditation to use, we suggest aiming for a balance of all three across the three weeks.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Courtney Walton by email -

Meditation MP3s:
1.Compassionate Practice for Self and Others (11m 39s)
2.Compassionate Self for Anxiety (11m 46s)
3.Compassionate Self for Self-Criticism (9m 34s)

For more information please read - Plain Language Statement (PDF 123.6 KB)