Assessment of psychiatric symptoms in adults with epilepsy and intellectual disability: A systematic review

Among people with epilepsy and intellectual disability, mental disorders frequently go under-diagnosed and under-treated, although it has been shown that these individuals are at greater risk of developing mental disorders than the general population. There is also a notable paucity of high-quality research examining the extent, nature, and impact of psychopathology in people with comorbid epilepsy and intellectual disability. Therefore, we aim to develop an evidence-based framework for robustly assessing psychiatric symptoms in adults with epilepsy and intellectual disability. We begin by examining how psychopathology is evaluated in the general intellectual disability population to inform the development of the framework for use in epilepsy and intellectual disability. Furthermore, a systematic review of studies of psychopathology in adults with epilepsy and intellectual disability will be completed in order to identify the methodological limitations of existing research and provide clear guidance on appropriate research design.


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