Can flow experiences be protective against mental and cardiovascular health problems? A genetically informed prospective cohort study

(Past project)

Flow is a state with intense and focused concentration on the present, marked by a loss of self-consciousness, a sense of control, distortion of time, and experiencing of the activity as intrinsically rewarding. Previous research has determined a cross-sectional correlation between an individual’s flow-proneness and mental wellness. Here, using a longitudinal design and objective health measures, we aim to explore the association between flow-proneness and mental and cardiovascular health diagnoses. By utilizing a co-twin control design and genotype information, we can strengthen causal inferences, taking into account potential confounding effects of trait neuroticism, as well as shared genetic and familial factors.


  • Emma Gaston (Honours student)
  • Dr Miriam Mosing (Primary supervisor)
  • Dr Laura Wesseldijk (Karolinska Institute)

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