Past Projects: MPsych

  • Living with brain injury:  A qualitative study on patient and carer perspectives (Sanjana Desai, 2020)
  • Singing abilities in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (Amie Willis, 2020)
  • Early maladaptive schemas associated with performance anxiety phenomenology in classically-trained musicians (Jennifer Kirsner, 2019)
  • Individual and family perspectives of living with an acquired brain injury (ABI): A thematic comparison (Carly James, 2019)
  • The varied topography of professional practice: Translating psychometric data to the individual patient with temporal lobe epilepsy (Fiore D'Aprano, 2018)
  • Restricted repetitive behaviours and interests and the broader autism phenotype (Caitlin Foley, 2017)
  • Music interventions and epilepsy: Seizure control and mood (Marcia Chew, 2017)
  • Cognition in Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (Anastasia Suraev, 2016)
  • An experimental task for investigating musical learning and memory in functional neuroimaging (Kate Lennon, 2015)
  • The  neural underpinnins of singing: A systematic review of neuroimaging research and lesion case studies (Christina Donnelly, 2015)
  • The effects of a cognitive behavioural intervention on performance anxiety in music secondary students (Alice Braden, 2014)
  • Executive functioning in Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Broader Autism Phenotype (Sarah Brcan, 2014)
  • Inhibitory functioning as an endophenotype for Autism Spectrum Disorder (Mariana Theodoru, 2014)
  • The experience of unsuccessful medical interventions: Implications for epilepsy surgery (Dinusha Fernando, 2013)
  • Characterising cognition in GLUT-1 deficiency: A preliminary study (Caroline Frees, 2013)
  • The role of emotional intelligence in predicting functional and psychosocial outcomes following acquired brain injury (Madeleine Connellan, 2013)

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