Gene-environment interplay in expertise acquisition: Using music as a model

(Past project)

This project is led by Dr Miriam Mosing and involves international collaboration with the Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.  Dr Mosing’s research group investigates (1) expertise development using music as a model and (2) quality of life throughout lifetime and in the aged, using interdisciplinary approaches to quantify the interplay between genes and the environment.  Specifically, this project aims to understand how an individual’s genetic predispositions interplay with a range of environmental factors (including musical engagement and other leisure and cultural activities, social isolation, stress, traumatic life experiences, and socio-economic factors) to impact health and expertise-related outcomes. A better understanding of the nature of phenotypic associations observed in daily life will not only allow us to identify truly causal and modifiable risk/protective factors (relevant environments), but will ultimately also help us to identify those who are at greatest risk or may benefit most from interventions. To achieve this, existing large population based genetically informative data sets (including twin studies) and interdisciplinary methods are utilised.


  • Dr Miriam Mosing (Principal investigator)
  • Dr Laura Wesseldijk (Karolinska Institute)
  • Dr Malin Ericsson (Karolinska Institute)

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