Professor Becca Krukowski (The University of Virginia)



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Elise Kalokerinos

At this online MSPS Colloquium, Professor Becca Krukowski (The University of Virginia) presents her talk,  Using technology to expand access to weight management interventions.


There are effective behavioural weight loss programs that can induce weight losses of 8–10 per cent, achieving clinically significant improvements in health. However, large portions of the population do not have access to the traditional in-person behavioural weight control program, due to transportation issues and caregiving responsibilities. Dr Krukowski will discuss technology-based weight management programs that have been tested in the last 15 years, including elements that appear to enhance weight losses in these programs (eg self-monitoring, feedback, financial incentives).


Dr Becca Krukowski obtained her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Vermont, and she is a Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at The University of Virginia (UVA) and co-lead of the Community Based Health Equity research program. The primary goal of her research is to increase access to health behaviour interventions through technology, with a particular focus on self-monitoring and feedback.

Her ongoing projects are testing: 1) three weight management programs combined with smoking cessation treatment; and 2) interventions for healthy gestational weight gain, postpartum weight loss, maternal/child health, and military readiness in a sample of active-duty military personnel and their beneficiaries.

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